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Project Management at the Speed of Thought


Get your people, projects, and tasks on to a simple notepad that everyone can use.

Manage your projects as quickly as you can type, copy, and paste.

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Your project starts on a single page.

Jot down notes and turn them into tasks at any time. You create your own structure, so do whatever makes sense to you.

With AgilePad you can brainstorm your projects then instantly go from brainstorm to actionable items.

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Harness new task management powers.

Semantic Tagging Screenshot

The simple to do list gets reinvigorated with powerful tagging features. AgilePad's tagging system allows you to annotate your tasks with any of the following semantic tags:

  • People: Anyone associated with a task or project
  • Costs: Time estimates, difficulty, money — anything with a numeric value.
  • Hashtags: Just about any other data you want to track.

AgilePad gives you project management super powers. No, really!

Look into your project. Gain better insight.

With AgilePad, you can instantly view your project in different ways.

  • Taskboards pivot your project tasks like a boss.
  • Calendars show what's coming up in your project.
  • List view helps you quickly find and view specific lines in your page.
  • Reports save pre-configured views for quick access in the future.

AgilePad functions as your project dashboard to help you stay on top of things.

Screenshot showing different views

Bring your team with you.

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Sharing a project is as easy as sending an invitation

  • Invite your team.
  • Invite your clients.
  • Invite collaboration.

AgilePad helps you bring your team together.

Real-time saves you real time.

Seeing your team on the same page is like being in the same room. Everyone can work together in parallel and see each other's contributions as they happen.

AgilePad helps you get more done in less time.

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Perfect for any size project.

Screenshot showing large project

From one task to a million, take on those small, personal projects all the way up to the largest ones.

AgilePad handles the demands of any size project, team, department, or company so you can focus on getting things done.